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…in Un Message Evidemment is invited at many levels. Each of the icons to the right will allow you to view or download silent footage in a Mac or windows format. Roll your mouse over and choose your platform, and then choose the size you want to view. Follow the prompts to download. You can then provide a submission for sound for that image, or use it for your own 'message evidemment'.

To submit messages in written form use:

Open Submission Form

...or just leave a voice message at

813 843 4921 or 813 315 6155

Terms of Use

In general these clips can be used according to the principles of the Creative Commons Deed ( While as producers we offer these clips for your use without compensation to us, consistent with CC Deed, there are some additional restrictions regarding how they can be used.  For distribution of this material it will be necessary for you to get clearance from the individuals appearing in the footage. The people who appear in this footage have agreed to allow the footage to be used in a work entitled ‘Un Message Evidemment’ produced by Robert Lawrence and John Campbell. If you intend to produce an independent work for distribution you will need to secure rights from the actors.  If you wish to distribute productions completed with any of these clips please provide us with a clear written treatment and we will forward this to the actors and request approval of use. Before the actors will grant final rights it may be necessary to provide a copy of the production (via web link to QT movie, or mailed tape or DVD) for final approval by individuals appearing.

Our Idea for Un Message Evidemment

This project started as an independent experimental film, became a two person collaboration, and has since evolved into an open-ended collaboration with an unlimited number of possible projects coming from it.  We still intend to make our own project, “a film” or “films”. While we invite you to use this footage to make projects of you own invention, we also invite you contribute to the film(s) that we are trying to make.  For this reason we would like to say just a bit about our vision for the project.

We originally conceived Un Message Evidemment as an experimental minimalist/structural send-up of action films.  It is not our interest at all to imitate the “whammy film” genre, but rather to evoke that sensibility, market and all its associations as a context for framing an alternative vision. Somewhat in the way, say, that Goddard’s early films acquired clichés from B gangster films to facilitate a reflection on representation in film. Hence it is generally not our intention to have the sound reinforce the clichés of violence, sexism, and clichéd theatricality that the images fairly consistently represent. Freeing the sound from the slavish reinforcement of the image opens the door to an infinite number of infinitely more interesting ways to develop film language.  This is the direction we would like to take our version of Un Message Evidemment.



Robert Lawrence
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Robert Lawrence
Assistant Professor
Coordinator of Electronic Media
School of Art and Art History
University of South Florida
4202 East Fowler Avenue, FAH110
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tel: 813-843- 4921




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